Artificial intelligence at the service of Art & Culture

Artificial intelligence is our lever to facilitate cultural access through interactive experiences. We provide innovative and impactful solutions for culture professionals.

Ask Mona


Ask Mona Studio

Ask Mona Studio offers a turnkey to cultural institutions (museums, theaters, monuments, local authorities…). We enable them to create personal assistants tailored to their needs.


Ask Mona

Ask Mona is a conversational robot (chatbot) that dialogues with its users to recommend free personalized cultural outings.
From classical theater to street-art visits, Ask Mona always has the right idea!


We experiment and lead R&D projects to design innovative solutions mobilizing artificial intelligence to serve the issues of cultural institutions.

We bring together institutions, artists and innovators  in order to reflect together on the present and the future of artificial intelligence (AI) at the service of art and culture.

A team passionate about Art and Tech

Our multidisciplinary team is composed of Art History specialists, editors, developers, engineers and artists. We are convinced that the content is as important as the technique and this is reflected in the composition of our team.